You’re doing it! You’re running a business, or leading a team, and working really hard to realise your dreams, goals and professional purpose.

You’ve realised it’s time to hire an assistant. Someone with the experience and smarts to be proactive, efficient and to help take away the ‘clutter’. Whatever that means for you.

But let me ask you this – do you really need or even want a permanent employee sitting outside your office?
If you’re not sure yet if and how working with a virtual assistant will benefit you and your business, here’s a few points to consider.
As a self-employed executive assistant, I’m an independent business owner. A consultant. A casual. I’m not your employee and you’re not my boss. We’re partners. And what does that mean?
It means I’m not just clocking in to fill in an 8 hour day for the security of collecting my weekly pay. I need to make my time count! My pay packet now is solely dependent on my reputation and the quality and efficiency of my work.

It means your business is as important to me as it is to you.

I’m as committed to your success as you are.
There are many perks to having a fellow independent business owner assisting you. Just for starters, you don’t have to keep me busy for a set amount of hours per day, worrying if you’re giving me enough to do. You don’t have to find me a desk or buy me a phone.
There ‘s no superannuation, holiday pay or payroll to worry about.
You’ll never need to conduct a ‘performance review’ again! Instead,  we will have intelligent conversations about areas of improvement that will benefit both of our businesses.
Before I decided to go into business as a virtual assistant, I accumulated significant experience in helping others figure out what they need and making recommendations or just getting it done. You’re so close to your business and doing everything yourself, it may be hard for you to step back and objectively see what could help you.
I don’t have that problem.
Below is a summary of just some of the services I may be able to help you and your business with.


Are things in a bit of a mess, or even feeling just a little out of control, because you’ve been busy building your business, your network or simply doing the business of your business is taking all your time? We can work together to get your systems, processes, standard operating procedures and more sorted out.


Going away for work or play? Whether you’re on a long haul plane flight, attending a conference or running a workshop, I can keep an eye on your social feeds, triage your incoming emails, update your calendar, and send you a report on what’s happened while you’ve been gone.
With many years of experience as a personal and executive assistant, I know how to represent you and your business professionally and appropriately in all communications, and you’ll get a daily summary at the end of each day.


1:1 support including calendar and email management. Checking your inbox, replying to emails, flagging what you need to respond to. My many years working in Executive Offices mean you can trust me to represent you and your business professionally and appropriately in all types of communication.


Proofreading editing and writing services. Do you need engaging written content of any kind? Do you need help translating your ideas into written messages that reflect you and your business to your clients and customers the way you need them to? Learn more about these services HERE.


This can include invoicing, organising your receipts and expenses, helping you get your reports, your risk management and compliance requirements sorted on time, plus other similar administrative tasks.


I can help with WordPress, Square Space and Wix, as well as updating your site using your own custom CMS.
And I am a pretty quick learner of just about any system or package.


We have many years of instructional design and corporate training experience in the team. As a result, we can help you with:
  • Instructional design and workshop materials development.
  • Presentation Structure
  • Workbook structure


  • Professional quality equipment
  • Video editing  to your specifications
  • intro and outro graphics, captioning, other graphic elements
  • Music production – you can even have your own ORIGINAL music composed!
  • Voice over recording.

Are you an online business owner? Do you need a higher level of support? Someone who can work a bit more autonomously and actually manage and coordinate your online teams or online offerings? Learn about our Online Business Management  services.

Please get in touch to talk about what you need even if it’s not on the list. I might already have the capability, either myself or within my trusted and expert provider network or support team.