I call Lisa my ‘ Technical Angel’ – she is exactly who I had been looking for

I first became of Lisa’s work through the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Association.  We already had a webmaster but some of the more complex issues we outsourced to Lisa. We found that Lisa was very professional in every instance and was able to sort out our problems in a timely manner.
I decided to use Lisa in my own business. I met with Lisa via Zoom and described in detail my business needs. I have a very busy life and other commitments, which make it difficult for me to keep to time schedules. I explained this to Lisa and she was able to work with me individually on my own time scale and was very understanding and helpful, in helping me to move forward with my business.
Lisa is an invaluable asset to me and my business is going from strength. My websites, with Lisa’s advice and help, are professional and easy to use. We have lots of projects that we are working together on and I look forward to our continued professional working relationship.
I call Lisa my ‘ Technical Angel’ as she is exactly who I had been looking for, for many years. I can recommend Lisa 110%, as having Lisa in your life will be life changing.
Caroline Thomas

I am truly grateful to have Lisa’s magical assistance and support

Lisa’s support is amazing. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and wide range of technical knowledge are second to none. She has taken the time to familiarise herself with all areas of my business, and is a wonderfully astute advisor on new or upcoming projects.

Her copywriting is excellent, and she is at this point an invaluable member of the DWD team! She ensures the smooth running of all the behind-the-scenes aspects of Dances With Dragons, and I am truly so grateful to have her magical assistance and support.

Aodaoin Hathaway

Being able to hand areas of the business over to someone who can take ownership and keep them running smoothly has freed me up energetically and creatively, resulting in my best year to date!

I have been running my own business since 2011 and for several years worked closely with a much loved Virtual Assistant. When she retired from her work, I was left feeling very alone on many levels. I searched for someone to replace my VA, but despite working with several, no one energetically quite “felt” right and so I went back to pretty much doing everything myself.
My goal to find a New and Totally Aligned Virtual Assistant remained with me and to my delight, a trusted colleague of mine recommended Lisa to me. We had an initial meeting  and straight away I felt understood and safe in her hands. The biggest differences Lisa’s support have made to my business and my peace of mind include a handing back over to a trusted assistant so many tasks that “I” just don’t need to do and an inner knowing that any “tweak” or big task I hand over to Lisa is done promptly and with a vibrational tone that is so important to me. Lisa has supported me in developing new systems, is always totally willing learn the new and delivers to the highest levels. She is consistent, delivers promptly and has an energy that embodies positivity and professionalism.
Being able to hand areas of the business over to someone who can take ownership and keep them running smoothly has freed me up energetically and creatively. This has resulted in my best year to date for enrolments in my signature Diploma course!
If you are looking for a long-term Assistant to help and guide you with all the parts of your business that “you” don’t need to do, knowing all the while that as your business grows, your assistant is more than capable of supporting you on deeper levels, look no further. I am delighted to have found Lisa and working with her has made a huge difference to all that I do.
Sara Turner

I simply can’t imagine my business without her and I trust her completely.

I knew it was time to look for a VA when my business was expanding and my to-do list was just getting longer by the day and I could barely keep up. It just so happened that right around that time one of my colleagues thought Lisa would be an excellent dream team VA for me so she introduced us. And I’m very happy to say she was right!
Lisa is easy and fun to work with and she’s an excellent communicator. She gets things done quickly and often way better than I ever could. Plus I’m not left hanging for days wondering where she is at with a task. She’s not afraid to ask questions and get clarification on a task but is also proactive enough to jump in and give things a go and learn new things.
Lisa is enthusiastic and encouraging and I value her insightful suggestions. She’s so much more than ‘just’ a VA; she’s a collaboration partner in my business who truly has my best interests at heart. Handing over access to every part of your business can trigger all sorts of fears, especially if you’ve been burnt or let down in the past. I was just so used to doing the majority of things myself that it took a bit of adjusting to hand things over to Lisa but right from the start she suggested and implemented efficient ways of us working together. I can’t begin to describe the relief I felt as Lisa started taking more and more things off my plate so that I could do what I’m great at.
I’ve run global online speaker summits, changed membership platforms and launched new online courses and products in the last few months and without having Lisa on my support team there’s just no way we could have made all of that happen with so much ease and grace.
And as if that isn’t amazing enough already, Lisa is also a copywriting superstar who captures my tone of voice beautifully and is great at getting to the nuggets of gold and the key messages needed. It is of great help to have someone on my team who can proofread and edit well too!
I have recommended Lisa to quite a few of my colleagues and they’ve been thanking me ever since. If you’re looking for a rockstar VA, then look no further. I simply can’t imagine my business without her and I trust her completely.
Tina van Leuven

I engaged Lisa for another six months as I just couldn’t bear to let her go!

Not long after deciding to dedicate myself to my art business full time, a huge life changing decision, I realised I was going to need some help with my social media, in particular with Instagram. Lisa came highly recommended by my business coach, and from our first contact I felt that she cared as much as I did about my success. She put together a very well researched and detailed strategic plan, making it easy to say yes. Lisa has helped me to increase my followers and engagement significantly, leading to requests for new paintings and all kinds of opportunities. She has developed and implemented simple systems to make it easy and efficient for us to work together – and although we are in different timezones, she is always happy to take a call when I want to run an idea past her!
Lisa is also a great wordsmith and the excellent draft copy she writes saves me so much time. Her role in my business is expanding into more creative and strategic work. After our initial 4 week engagement, I engaged Lisa for another six months as I just couldn’t bear to let her go!
Thanks Lisa for your enthusiasm and support.
Karla Rothmann

Invaluable asset to any business

Lisa has many outstanding qualities which make her an invaluable asset to any business. She joined the National Asthma Council Australia as my Executive Assistant in my final years there before my retirement as CEO in 2017. She demonstrated great skill in keeping me organized, my appointments on track, correspondence prepared, events and travel organised and acted as the Board officer with great efficiency, preparing agendas and documents, and organizing the AGM. She also very skillfully took on the social media response role in the organization, working on this daily under the direction of the Communications Manager. Directors and external stakeholders regularly commented on her effectiveness and diplomacy. Additionally, she was experienced at maintaining the organisation’s risk management plan and keeping it updated by ensuring senior management regularly reviewed it with her. She was adept at recognizing and acknowledging her own skills, and planned to move into a more independent role, discussing this with me and, in her usual supportive manner, waiting until after my retirement to do this. I thoroughly recommend her in her new role of virtual assistant and business support partner.

Kristine Whorlow AM
CEO | National Asthma Council Australia

Outstanding Professional Support

Lisa’s professional support frees up my time and my mind to focus on generating more business and better outcomes for my clients. She’s easy to work with and rely upon and the quality of her professional services, from proofing and editing to invoicing and diary management, is outstanding.  Also, Lisa’s support and encouragement in my business has helped me take risks and try new things that are proving invaluable.

Derek Rowe | Instructional Designer | Trainer | Coach

Highly astute in managing activities and communications

Lisa worked closely with me as a Personal assistant for a number of years. I appreciated and valued that assigned tasks and projects would always be completed efficiently, thoroughly and with a high degree of professionalism and pragmatism. I also valued having Lisa as a source of genuine support and as a trusted representative in my team. A quick and enthusiastic learner of new systems, strong ability to develop processes and highly astute in managing activities and communications, I had confidence my needs were always represented appropriately.

David Brajkovic | Executive General Manager | Health

Lisa’s work is, in a word, excellent … delivers above and beyond expectations

Lisa ought to be the ‘poster woman’ for excellent virtual assistance.

Lisa’s work is, in a word, excellent. Lisa’s kind, down-to-earth manner with clients as well as her attention to detail in meeting deliverables puts her head and shoulders above others in her field. Resonance and ‘good vibes’ are paramount in my work and Lisa delivers right along those lines. From simple tasks to suggestions for optimising marketing efforts, she puts the ‘pro’ in professional. If you are looking for a virtual assistant whose rates are reasonable, whose integrity is high, and who delivers above and beyond expectations, Lisa is someone you should consider. I could not be happier with the results of our work together.

Nalini MacNab

I’ve found Lisa to be responsive, proactive and easy to work with

Lisa has become an integral part of the team. She quickly took a load of activities off my plate and has been terrific working on client projects with multiple stakeholders. I’ve found Lisa to be responsive, proactive and easy to work with.

Trevor Young