I simply can’t imagine my business without her and I trust her completely.

I knew it was time to look for a VA when my business was expanding and my to-do list was just getting longer by the day and I could barely keep up. It just so happened that right around that time one of my colleagues thought Lisa would be an excellent dream team VA for me so she introduced us. And I’m very happy to say she was right!
Lisa is easy and fun to work with and she’s an excellent communicator. She gets things done quickly and often way better than I ever could. Plus I’m not left hanging for days wondering where she is at with a task. She’s not afraid to ask questions and get clarification on a task but is also proactive enough to jump in and give things a go and learn new things.
Lisa is enthusiastic and encouraging and I value her insightful suggestions. She’s so much more than ‘just’ a VA; she’s a collaboration partner in my business who truly has my best interests at heart. Handing over access to every part of your business can trigger all sorts of fears, especially if you’ve been burnt or let down in the past. I was just so used to doing the majority of things myself that it took a bit of adjusting to hand things over to Lisa but right from the start she suggested and implemented efficient ways of us working together. I can’t begin to describe the relief I felt as Lisa started taking more and more things off my plate so that I could do what I’m great at.
I’ve run global online speaker summits, changed membership platforms and launched new online courses and products in the last few months and without having Lisa on my support team there’s just no way we could have made all of that happen with so much ease and grace.
And as if that isn’t amazing enough already, Lisa is also a copywriting superstar who captures my tone of voice beautifully and is great at getting to the nuggets of gold and the key messages needed. It is of great help to have someone on my team who can proofread and edit well too!
I have recommended Lisa to quite a few of my colleagues and they’ve been thanking me ever since. If you’re looking for a rockstar VA, then look no further. I simply can’t imagine my business without her and I trust her completely.