I call Lisa my ‘ Technical Angel’ – she is exactly who I had been looking for

I first became of Lisa’s work through the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Association.  We already had a webmaster but some of the more complex issues we outsourced to Lisa. We found that Lisa was very professional in every instance and was able to sort out our problems in a timely manner.
I decided to use Lisa in my own business. I met with Lisa via Zoom and described in detail my business needs. I have a very busy life and other commitments, which make it difficult for me to keep to time schedules. I explained this to Lisa and she was able to work with me individually on my own time scale and was very understanding and helpful, in helping me to move forward with my business.
Lisa is an invaluable asset to me and my business is going from strength. My websites, with Lisa’s advice and help, are professional and easy to use. We have lots of projects that we are working together on and I look forward to our continued professional working relationship.
I call Lisa my ‘ Technical Angel’ as she is exactly who I had been looking for, for many years. I can recommend Lisa 110%, as having Lisa in your life will be life changing.