My aim is to make sure you get the best rate for you and your business,  as well as the type of business support you most need.

You may require a certain number of hours set aside just for you each week or month for various tasks, known and unknown.
You may need regular set tasks taken care of, or support for a project.
Or you may have no idea what you need! Just that you need some help.
I invite you to contact me and we can organise to have a short discussion about your needs, and then I can provide you with a tailored proposal , whether it be a bunch of hours , a monthly retainer or a fixed price package that suits you best.
In the spirit of transparency, I can tell you our rates range from $45-$55 per hour, depending on what you need.
I do ask that you don’t use the above figures to calculate in your head how many hours you think you need. I’ll give you two good reasons for this:
  1. You’re basing your calculation on how long it takes you. And there’s a good chance that is longer than will take me, because I am doing those same kinds of things repeatedly.
  2. Even if you have been very proficient at running the back end of your business – it’s taking you away from doing the work in your business that only you can do, and will have the highest return.
Sure, you’re paying someone else to do them instead, which can be a hard decision and transition, but ask yourself this – for the time you will get back in return, how much new revenue might you be able to generate?
Whether it’s directly through service delivery or product creation, or indirectly through spending time on marketing and strategy, it’s likely to far outweigh your investment in another head and pair of hands.
You can contact me here to set up a completely obligation free chat over a phone or a virtual coffee over video.