Welcome!  Thanks for finding me. Here's hoping you'll end up thanking me too.

I'm aware that if you do need me, you may be short on time (for now) ,  but here's just a few words about me and why I started 'There in Spirit'  . It may help you decide whether I'm the virtual executive assistant who can give you the support you need.

I’m Lisa Rowe. I’ve been an admin professional for more than 25 years. During that time I’ve worked in many different industries and in businesses of all sizes. In some roles I’ve learned a lot about a little, like project management, project coordination or system support. In other business support roles I’ve learned a little about a lot, performing a wide variety of tasks using many different capabilities. I’ve learnt to adapt, switch focus quickly and  to be flexible, efficient and responsive.
After working as an executive assistant for 8 years, what I learned is how much I enjoy working closely with someone who has a clear vision of where they would like to be, and then being able to help them succeed. Being a partner, a cheerleader and their biggest supporter from the sidelines.
With this insight, I started thinking about how I could best utilise the assortment of experience and skills I have accumulated to help as many people as possible, instead of just one at a time! And then .. in my Facebook feed in 2016, up popped an ad for the Australian Virtual Assistants Conference. What?? Needless to say, I went.
So in 2017, after the CEO I was supporting retired, it was the perfect time to try on being a virtual executive assistant. And it’s working out so far!
If you’re ready for help but not looking for a permanent employee, a VA could be your perfect choice. From triaging and replying to your emails, to writing or polishing your proposals, or managing your next program launch, project or event, I can do pretty much everything an onsite EA would do – except get you coffee.
Since I was very young, I’ve also really enjoyed writing, proofreading and editing. Since starting this business, the opportunities to help my clients with all kinds of writing tasks have grown, and I’ve been reminded not only do I enjoy it, I’m pretty good at it. So if you need help writing engaging content of all kinds to support your business, bring it on! Please!
I get to work from home, often with a cat on my lap (or laptop!!), which is a huge perk for me! I wake up full of energy with a smile on my face, and my clients benefit from my joy and sense of purpose.
If you think I may be the right person (or one of them!) to support you and your business, please get in touch.
There in Spirit,